Foy’s largest show console, the DMAC has the power to efficiently control shows with most demanding multi-axis requirements.  The DMAC provides the operator with 4 submasters, 3 assignable joysticks and 12 programmable macro buttons. When utilized with Pegasus R3, DMAC becomes a scalable platform, easily capable of controlling the most complex installation.

LXE Description

Our LXE small form factor consoles are perfect for fitting into tight show environments.  With a maximum axis count of 5 winches, the LXE can be used as a standalone master control station, or as a satellite console in a larger installation.  The integrated Pegasus Control Extension provides a single submaster, 2 axis assignable joystick, shuttle wheel, and master playback buttons.  Multiple mounting options are available to fit any installation.


SAC Description

For single axis control, the SAC is the perfect combination of size and functionality.   This handheld pendant provides cued playback as well as analog control of one Pegasus axis.  With 10 programmable, multiline cues, manual operation and complete digital feedback, the SAC is well-suited to a host of acrobatic, stunt and single effect installations.

Foy Flight Assist

Nothing can match the human hand’s ability to feel the performer’s movement through a manual lift line.  That’s why Foy developed Flight Assist, a revolutionary design that combines the split-second hand positioning control of manual operation with safety and ease of a modern servo winch.  Flight Assist allows the operator complete control of the performer’s movements through a manual pull rope, while the winch does all of the heavy lifting - making Flight Assist the perfect dance partner for Broadway’s Billy Elliot.