Foy’s workhorse, the DW-V3, is a versatile winch capable of fulfilling many roles.  With top speeds ranging from 10 fps for a single performer to 5 fps for dual performers, it is well suited for variety of acrobatic and aerial ballet routines.  Acting as a travel axis, the same package can deliver speeds in excess of 15 fps for fast, fluid motion.

Now in its third generation, the DW-V3 represents the latest in safety and control technology.  The DW-V3 meets all relevant U.S. and European standards, making it suitable for all venues.  The winch can be installed as a single-axis with a programmable SAC pendant, or integrated into a larger Pegasus control network.  In either case, reliability and ease of operation combine to ensure rapid deployment, quick programming and minimum downtime.

Foy’s line of CW winches provides an economical, non-automated solution for clients needing the power and safety of a flying winch without the cost and complexity of a full automated installation.  The CW’s small and lightweight frame design allows it to be quickly deployed in even the tightest spaces. 

Available with 2 preset stop positions, variable speed pendant, and our full range of standard safety features, the CW winch is a capable alternative to a full-size DW acrobatic winch. 

By eliminating all power and control wiring, the BR-X is capable of almost unlimited track configurations.  Incorporating 3 full axes of servo motion, this battery powered, wireless system is ideally suited to arenas and large thrust stages.

The BR-X utilizes two independent radio channels to ensure safe, reliable operation.  A 2.4ghz FHSS radio link provides a secure proprietary data transfer, while a 900mhz DSSS link transfers the fail-safe e-stop signal.  Distances of up to 500ft can easily be achieved.  Power is provided by onboard batteries that are hot-chargeable through track mounted docking stations.

Each unit also incorporates intelligent collision detection, allowing multiple units to safely operate on the same track.

Flying by Foy’s innovative, lightweight cable winch, mounted within a standard 12” truss section, delivers 120ft of line travel @ 8 fps with a capacity of up to 200 lbs. in its standard operating configuration.

Safety features include: Dual Failsafe Braking Systems, Redundant Limit Switches for over-travel protection, and integrated E-Stop Circuit.  In the event of power failure, the performer may be manually lowered by utilizing the secondary brake as a clutch.

The IW-V Performer Flying Winch can be controlled via simple up/down control or automated with one of Foy’s automated control systems and their complete line of Pegasus control consoles. 

Foy’s PS3 Servo Controller can turn any winch into a full-featured Pegasus Automation Axis.  As the standard motion controller for our DW-V3 line of hoists, each 2U rack-mountable controller can take charge of up to 3 axes of automation.  With integrated Pegasus communications channel, profile generator, motion queue and safety monitoring, the PS3 can function in everything from standalone installations to complex multi-console environments.  An integrated navigation screen provides quick access to axis vital statistics as well as jog and home functions.  We can provide IO options for almost any motion device available.